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IHA Holiday Ads is a service published by MEDIA LITE SA - CH-660.0.155.010-5 – Quai du mont Blanc 31 - CH-1201 Geneve - Switzerland. IHA Holiday Ads is an advertising and promotions multimedia publication. The sole aim of IHA Holiday Ads is to publish in respect of vacation rental adverts to the mass media. IHA Holiday Ads has absolutely no involvement in the search for or the actual rental property transaction.

Advert diffusion

IHA Holiday Ads and its partners diffuse over the internet vacation rental adverts. The owner of the advert (advertiser) attests as to the quality of the accommodation that is to be let (or duly to the habitableness) on IHA Holiday Ads and authorizes IHA Holiday Ads and its partners to diffuse his/her advert in its totality (text, photos and video ) with full support, notably for their own promotion. The advertiser certifies as to being the rightful owner of all the photo and video material furnished.

The introduction

The owner will deal with the holidaymaker of his choice as he sees fit without any intervention by IHA Holiday Ads. They undertake that he will in no event use to their commercial and/or marketing gain any of the information IHA Holiday Ads furnishes about a member.

Undertaking by the owner (advertiser)

Checking of contents

IHA can in no way be held responsible for the information or for the lack of information or updating of the adverts appearing on its site, the latter being the sole responsibility of the owners themselves to compose and keep updated their adverts. Consequently, it's up to the holidaymaker to verify the veracity of the information contained in the adverts.
For information, all the adverts are placed directly by the owners. Only pictures and video content are checked by our team with the sole aim as to adhere to the law in respect of persons. IHA reserves the right to refuse any advert, photo, video or hypertext link that it judges to be incongruous with its activity or where it could possibly bring about complaints by third parties.

After checking, reserves all rights to withdraw an advert or a photo that could bring about a third party complaint and the subscription will remain with IHA Holiday Ads. If, following a stay in a lodging, a holidaymaker should reveal an essential floor in information or where the information diffused in the advert did not reflect the reality, he/she can inform IHA Holiday Ads and by going through to the members area to be used to this effect can make his/her comments be known and these will be visible by other holidaymakers without necessatating any proceedings. The owner, and only the owner remains responsible for his advert, and expressly releases all responsibility from IHA Holiday Ads vis-à-vis third parties.

Mistaken contents

In the event of a complaint brought about due to a mistake in the material presentation of the advert made by IHA linked to such as the program development or the translation, IHA responsibility will not exceed that of the price paid for the advertisement paid by the owner.

Publication duration

The publication of a property rental offer begins after receipt of the payment in respect of the chosen subscription formulas and/or the initial date the advert is validated by our publication department.

The owner amending the advert

If you fill in the form to amend the offer description, or add/delete photos, your advert will no longer be available on-line momentarily the time it takes for validation (delay about 5 working days). This temporary discontinuance of the publication does not warrant an extension of your subscription.
The owner can withdraw his/her advert at any time, but IHA retains the subscription payment.

Hypertext links to personal pages

IHA can place at discretion on the advert, the hypertext link of the personal page of the rental property diffused if the subscription formula allows it and strictly after its validation, with the strict exception of professional pages which are not accepted. No permanent controls of these pages will be carried out, the owner releases IHA of all responsibility concerning the possible content. IHA accepts no adverts eminating from professional bodies. Any advert placed by a professional trying to pass for a private property owner will be deleted with immediate effect and will not be reimbursed.

Access to the website

Access to the IHA website is 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, except in cases of force majeure and periodic maintenance. If a technical problem makes accessing the service impossible, IHA will do its uppermost to work towards finding the technical solution just until the service is resumed. IHA holds to its responsibilities but cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside of its control.

Copyrights and notices

The contents published on IHA are protected by copyright. All copying is strictly forbidden. In using or in continuing to use the services of IHA, you express your agreement to undertake to these terms and conditions. IHA reserves all rights to make changes as it sees fit, to the general terms and conditions and would ask you to reread them regularly.

Personal information and the privacy policy

We invite you to consult also with our rules in respect of the privacy policy published here on the site. Click here

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