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Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from May 2007
I have my own site, beautiful, precise and in french, German and English, but there are few fall on it.
I tried different sites of ad including IHA which by far is that me brought the most hosts, all enthusiastic, without exception.
I have however renounced definitively sites like Airbnb and others for the simple reason that they give no information (name, host address, etc) and prohibit any direct contact with the host. This does allow me to welcome in the best conditions.
Go on vacation to Pierre
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from May 2014
IHA allows direct contact between host and owner at no extra cost.
It's a good, dare I say great and beneficial positive policy.
Go on vacation to Lidio
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from April 2014
Thanks to IHA HOLIDAY I was able to get in touch with people who rightly do not want to take advantage of sites where they add a percentage to rent and then pay more.
Direct contact allows you to save and you're instantly in the apartment that you want to rent. You can get directly to the owner and we know best guests that want to stay in our House. Until now all good experiences. The subscription price is fair. We hope that it keep it that way!
Go on vacation to Barbara
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from November 2009
IHA is the best website for owner that would like to rent their houses.
Very simple to find guests and very easy to communicate directly.
If you're looking to spend your holidays in Sardinia, remember to visit Ogliastra area that is the best in the island and can offer you sea and mountains in only 30 minutes.
Go on vacation to Giorgio
Owner renting in IHA Holidays Ads from July 2012
The IHA Web Site is very good.
All guests that I have received in my Villa Gonçalo has been impeccable.
Recommend this site both to owners than for the Guests.

Keep it up if possible, continue always to improve your site.

Thank you very much for everything.
Go on vacation to Nelson